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Revolutionary self-healing material: This screen protector is made from the same polyurethane protective film that is used to protect cars and aircrafts It is Not glass but rather a full front and back self-healing protective film No loss of multi-touch display response: A number of screen protectors can harm the responsiveness of your screen; however this Swiss Mobile Gear XPEL Self-Healing Protective Film will not affect your screen’s responsiveness in any way – allowing you to enjoy the same ease of use as before you applied the screen protector Adds minimal bulk to your phone: Despite being the ultimate in screen protection for your device, the Swiss Mobile Gear XPEL Self-Healing Protective Film is very discreet. It only adds an almost imperceptible amount of extra thickness to your phone, so you can be sure it is safe from harm while looking as good as new. Easy to apply and remove: Some screen protectors can be fiddly to apply, but not with this one. You will be able to apply your self-healing film by removing the backing sheet from the screen protector and spraying the sticky side of the protector with the gel. Please Note: Device not included


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