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Original Huawei CW19 Sport Armband – 5.2-6″

The Huawei CW19 sport armband frees your hands while you’re exercising, so you can stay focused on the workout.

Made of premium materials, this lightweight armband is comfortable to wear and keeps your device securely strapped to your arm. Upon that, it has a slot for storing a credit card, your ID, cash, or a key. Also, there are cutouts for a headphone cable allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while exercising.

The sturdy buckle is able to keep even heavier devices strapped securely, and the velcro flap on top keeps the case safely closed. Meanwhile, the front side of the Huawei CW19 sport armband is transparent and touch-sensitive, so you can use your smartphone without taking it out of the case.

– The adjustable band ensures a perfect fit for everyone
– Made of soft, sweatproof material that is gentle to the skin
– The strap is perforated, allowing skin underneath it to breathe
– A card slot keeps your credit card or ID safely stored
– Three cutouts for easy access to the headphone jack on any phone
– Supported smartphones: 5.2″ – 6″
– Dimensions: 445mm x 220mm
– Strap circumference: 220mm – 395mm
– Materials: elastic fabric, TPU, plastic, velcro


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