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Many LifeSmart devices allow you to monitor climate conditions and to control your energy consumption accordingly. Combine the ELIQ® Electricity Meter Sensor and the Environmental Sensor to understand your electricity usage in the light of weather change. Bring convenience, sustainability and comfort into your everyday life with LifeSmart devices.

Kit includes:
1x LifeSmart Electricity Meter Sensor
1x LifeSmart Station

Simply place the ELIQ® Electricity Meter Sensor on the LED of your digital energy meter. From this LED, we are able to calculate how much energy you are consuming. Together with your energy supplier, we can show you more specific data straight to the LifeSmart app. The ELIQ Electricity Meter Sensor works with a specific range of digital energy meters.

– Reduce energy consumption
– Analyse your power consumption trends (real-time electricity consumption)
– Monthly reports
– Historical data related to your electricity consumption
– Forecast expected electricity consumption
– Wireless Distance: 400m (open field)
– Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 95%
– Operating Temperature : -20 ~ 45°C
– Battery type: AA
– Stand-by time: ? 6 months
– Certification : CE RoHS


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