MIPOW Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb APP Smartphone Decorative Light

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“MiPow Playbulb Smart”
Innovative, energy-saving and extraordinary!

Who says that small things can not have a particularly big effect: With the new MiPow Playbulb Smart you experience it yourself and immerse your home in an extraordinary ambience. The small light bulb disappears discreetly in floor lamps, hanging lamps or night lamps and shows its entire abilities. By using a handy app, you can easily become a lighting designer with the appropriate app and create extraordinary lighting accents from over 16 million colors in each room. Choose from five different light effects, wake up with a timer or dim the light as you wish.

The best: Thanks to the innovative LED technology, the Playbulb Smart consumes only 5 watts of electricity per hour and is therefore particularly sustainable. This allows you to connect up to five different light bulbs in series without any problems, and to highlight individual highlights in your four walls. The Playbulb Smart is controlled by almost every room in your home thanks to the latest Bluetooth® technology.

The Playbulb Smart can be conveniently and easily screwed into standard E26 and E27 threads. Then only the app (for iOS and Android available) turn on and you already determine in which color the integrated 10 LED chips and four RGB light sources should light up. Look forward to an impressive light mood – and many envious views of your guests.


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