Nokia 7368 ISAM ONT G-240W-B Fibre Router


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Huawei B535 CAT 7
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Deliver more bandwidth and simplify the home network.

Fiber gigabit speeds don’t have to end at the GPON FTTH termination. You can deliver a true gigabit experience — across devices and applications — with just one box in your customer’s home. The Nokia 7368 ISAM ONT G-240W-B gives you exactly what you need.
Today’s fastest Wi-Fi
Take advantage of the latest wireless technology to boost bandwidth on home networks. You can offer peak speeds up to six times faster than with earlier Wi-Fi standards.

Anywhere connectivity
Extend Wi-Fi reach with higher transmit power, up to 500 mW, depending on the region. Your customers get the same quality of service inside any room — even outdoors.

Faster access to data
Add further convenience with USB 3.0. It lets your customers store photos, videos and music in one central place, then access their data quickly, using any connected device.

Full access with dualband Wi-Fi
Rely on dualband Wi-Fi to support the widest range of customer devices. The 802.11ac standard enables gigabit speeds on many newer devices. And the widely supported 802.11b/g/n standard simultaneously connects other devices at lower speeds.

Enhanced customer satisfaction
All these advances bring your customers more convenience, freedom and a better quality of experience all across their homes. Not to mention a clutter-free environment with less wiring, fewer boxes, and lower power consumption.

Simpler management, lower costs
You reduce costs and increase control while satisfying your customers. Installing just one integrated box decreases your CAPEX. And with everything connected to this residential gateway, you get full visibility into customers’ home networks. This simplifies management, speeds problem resolution — and minimizes your OPEX, too.

More control for customers, less work for you
Let customers manage their network settings from anywhere in the home. Our Smart Optical Network Unit (ONU) mobile application makes it easy to set up wireless networks, guest access, parental controls, and more.

Download Smart ONU from Google Play
Download Smart ONU from iTunes
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