Xiaomi Mijia 1.5L Bluetooth Electric Kettle

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Xiaomi Mijia 1.5L Bluetooth Electric Kettle

1. Turn on your phones Bluetooth connects to the kettle and set temperature via app
2. Water will not only heat to set temperature but also keep at the set temperature
3. Up to 12 hours heat preservation
4. Good quality 304 stainless steel for liner rustproof scaling-resistant and odorless
5. Unibody spout and 80 degree large opening angle easy to clean
6. Food grade PP material shell and elegant appearance
7. 1800W large power heating ring it will only takes 5 minutes to boil water
8. Triple safety for power connector
9. Double layers kettle body will not burn your hand
10. Press open button the kettle will slowly open itself to 45 degree prevents hot steamy water on the cover from splashing
11. Storage space on the bottom for excess power cable
12. STRIX temperature controller from UK longer use life
13. Temperature sensing accuracy as high as +/-1%
14. Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


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