Short history

The year 1994 had many changes, not only for our country, but also for the Cellular Group (Hicell). South-Africa had its first encounter with cellular services; Hicell also seized the opportunity and became a Vodacom Dealer!

Our First Vodacom Dealership opened in Secunda on 1 April 1994. We achieved great success with the store and made a sound business decision to open another. In 1996 Vodacom introduced the Franchise concept (Vodacom Shop) to the industry. Today Hicell consists of over 41 Stores!

We are a proud and respected Vodacom Dealer & Franchisee.

The Hicell Group has won various Vodacom 082 and Yebo Excellence Incentive Awards over the years which bares testament of our drive for excellence, not only to Vodacom but also to our customers. Apart from Vodacom’s marketing and promotional campaigns, we regularly have our own advertising and promotion campaigns, including in-store and shopping centre promotions.

All our stores are privately owned, thus lending us the opportunity and flexibility as entrepreneurs to do what is best for our customers’ experience.

Vision and Mission

“We aim to personalise the cellular industry through internal and external services excellence.”

We will achieve this through:

  • Courteous and polite behaviour.
  • Exceeding customer’s expectations
  • Being passionate about everything that we do.

“To exceed our customers’ expectations”